Choosing A Gun

In most survival situations, you will want to be at a distance from your target. Whether this be your dinner for the night, or a zombie. Bladed and blunt weapons just simply put you too close for comfort and leave your vulnerable. A gun, however, gives your the chance to sit back a good distance and take down your target. You have the chance to stay out of harms way, but still cause damage if needed.

Blades 101

So, let’s talk blades! When the SHTF, a blade will be quiet and never need to be reloaded. It’s good to have lying around, hell, have a few! I’ll be editing this post quite often with quick reviews on various blades I’ve owned with ratings and what have you. First and foremost, I want to get a few things out of the way a lot of new people seem to have issues with. Also; feel free to tell me I’m completely and utterly wrong on a subject – I am giving information as I understand, to help those who don’t know in their journey. I have spent a good deal of time into research, and would like to think I know a good deal. Also, bear with me as I work on the thread, I’m trying to get the most knowledge out that I can. I will constantly be updating my posts with new information, fixes, etc.

Bug out Bags

When the SHTF, you’ll have to get out of dodge, or at least be ready to do so. Que the bug out bag (BoB, b.o.b, B.O.B, etc.) Essentially, this is a bag of some sort you can grab and take with you, and go hit the road and survive, should you have to leave home. I have several interesting ideas when it comes to BoBs, so let me explain, while supplying you with a wealth of general knowledge.